Thursday, 17 July 2014

Year 10: Summer Work

Year 10: Summer Work

You have 10 weeks to complete the following work:
·         3 Artist studies based on the Tate trip or on an Artist/s that particularly appeals to you
·         Think about the materials you choose.  Use materials which best represent the work you are looking at (for flat images avoid coloured pencil.)
·         Remember the time scale you have to work to. Make sure the quality of the work reflects this
·         Using your sheet “how to look at art” write about your artist and the work you have selected.
·         Carefully consider the composition/page lay out
In addition to this you need to make sure you have completed the following class work:

·         Study of expressive artists in black and white and colour
·         Three emotions
·         Perspective work
·         Tate title page
·         Tate introduction page

·         Chiarascuro  portrait

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