Monday, 10 November 2014

Artist study

Still life artist

Select one artist from the following list:

Paul Cezanne
Audrey Flack
Henry Matisse

Refer to the supporting sheet on how to write about art.

When reviewing a piece of art work

Areas to consider

Composition: Discuss how different components come together. What is happening in the foreground, middle ground, and background?  What is the focal point and how does it affect the overall image? Have any particular techniques been employed to create the composition, for example layering, elongating, exaggerating, use of perspective etc.

Subject matter: Are there any cultural references displayed within the image? What style has the artist adopted and what period in time does it fit into. Is there a message or a theme with in the work?

Understanding the materials and processes: What materials have been used and why? How have they been applied? What techniques have been used? How have certain colours been used and to what effect likewise how have contrasts been used?

Inspiration: Who has influenced the artist or the particular image? How has the artist been influenced by his/her surroundings? How has the artist influenced you?

Mood/ atmosphere: How has the artist created mood, atmosphere, texture, contrast? What is the mood? How does the image make you feel and why? How can you use this information to progress in your personal work?

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